Re: Free O’Reilly animal book about nginx

Aleksandar Lazic al-nginx at
Thu Jul 30 21:13:24 UTC 2015

Hi Igor.

Am 30-07-2015 21:34, schrieb Igor Sysoev:
>> Nearly 20 years ago I read my first O’Reilly book, Learning Perl.
>> Back then I never would have dreamed O’Reilly would someday publish
>> a book written about the software I created, yet here we are today.
>> I am honored to announce that later this year O’Reilly Media will
>> publish one of their iconic animal books entitled
>> nginx: A Practical Guide to High Performance,
>> and I’m delighted to offer you a preview edition download today [1].


When I think back ~10 Years ago I'm sure you have not thought that nginx 
could be THAT popular, haven't you ;-).

Thank you that you have started to create nginx.

Best regards

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