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Maxim Dounin mdounin at
Mon Jun 8 19:24:43 UTC 2015


On Mon, Jun 08, 2015 at 03:14:00PM -0400, nginxuser100 wrote:

> Hi, I would like nginx to map a fastcgi error response a static error page,
> and  include the HTTP error code in its HTTP response header; e.g.
> 1. have nginx return the proper error code in its header to the client.
> 2. have nginx return the proper error page based on the fastcgi_pass
> server's response error code.
> For example, if the fastcgi server returns '400 Bad Request', I would like
> NGINX to return "Status code: 400" along with the bad request html static
> error page.
> Is #2 feasible when fastcgi_pass is used? I was not able to do it, unless I
> used error code 302, a redirect. In other words, the only way I got nginx to
> return a specific error page was to have the fastcgi server respond with a
> redirect
>     "Status: 302 Found\r\n"
>     "Location: /<path>/badRequest.html\r\n"
> The problem with this method was that the error code (400 for example) did
> not appear in the HTTP response of the error page (requirement #1 was not
> met).
> How can I have nginx/fastcgi_pass return an error page with the HTTP error
> code (400 for example) appear in the HTTP header? My fastcgi server response
> did include 'Status' in the fastcgi response.
> I tried not using the redirect 302 method but my attempts failed; I had the
> following inside the server block or inside the location/fastcgi_pass block
> of  nginx.conf:
>         error_page 400 = /bad_request.html;
>         location = /bad_request.html {
>            try_files /<path>/bad_request.html 50x.html;
>         }
> I tried the 'internal' directive also though I was not sure of its usage as
> the path of the html error page was not specified.
> Any help on how to get nginx to return the error code in the HTTP header
> response and an error page when fastcgi is used would be greatly
> appreciated, thank you!

Maxim Dounin

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