Nginx is killing my threads

pinkboi nginx-forum at
Thu Jun 18 17:25:45 UTC 2015

I have an application in C++ we originally made for Windows using
Microsoft's http lib, that I have ported to be cross-platform using nginx.
To keep it working mostly the same (rewriting as little as possible), I made
it as a lib that gets loaded by a module I made for nginx that communicates
with it via a C interface with simple functions (startup, shutdown,
callEndpoint). It works for any calls that don't depend on threads, but
anything that depends on the worker threads that we create (not using
nginx's apis) doesn't work. When I attach to either of the nginx processes
with gdb and do `info threads`, I only see one thread each.

I set our function that loads the lib, then calls startup(), which launches
these worker threads, as the "init module" function. The handle for the lib
remains so many of the calls work just fine. But the threads are gone, so
anything that depends on these worker threads doesn't function (it freezes
actually). Is there a way to let my module start threads without having to
use nginx's api or otherwise drastically change my architecture?

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