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Tue Jun 23 20:19:48 UTC 2015


I am looking for advice. I am using nginx to terminate SSL and forward the
request to php via fastcgi. Of all of requests I am forwarding to fastcgi
there is one particular URL that I want to cache, hopefully bypassing
communication with the fastcgi and php processes altogether.

- Would I need to define a separate location stanza for the URL I want to
cache and duplicate all of the fastcgi configuration that is normally
required? Or is there a way to indicate that of all the fastcgi requests
only the one matching /xyz is to be cached?

- If multiple request for the same URL arrive at around the same time, and
the cache is stale, they will all wait on the one request that is
refreshing the cache, correct? So I should only see one request for the
cached location per worker per minute on the backend?

- Since my one URI is fairly small, can I indicate that no file backing is
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