proxy_redirect not working with "refresh"

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Fri May 1 06:01:12 UTC 2015

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>Hi there,
>That's not a "Refresh" header field.
>That is something in the http response body.
>In general, nginx doesn't mess with the response body.
>(You can configure it to, but I tend to dislike doing that.)
>> Did I miss anything?  Actually I don't understand that line about "proxy_set_header Host $host", I just copied from web.
>Why does your back-end include the string "" in its
>response body?
>Can you make it instead include a string based on the Host: header it
>receives? If so, that is what the "proxy_set_header Host $host" is for.
>	f

Thank you so much.  That saved me from the hours of searching.

Indeed, the documentation said it's about "proxied server response".  I should expect every word in nginx documention counts :-)

The backend is an oudated legacy application, don't know why they did that, and I tried but can't figure out how to fix.  So I just used the sub_filter to rewrite and it worked.  Indeed I still have to "proxy_set_header Host $host" on the proxy to make that work as well.

Sincerely, John

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