Installed nginx with iredmail; how to add web content & test without DNS change

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Sat May 2 07:54:02 UTC 2015

On Fri, May 01, 2015 at 08:50:51PM -0400, gariac wrote:

Hi there,

> I think I failed to explain my problem correctly. It seems to me whatever I
> do for the test would be on the server side, not client side. Studying your
> reply, I think your solution maps to ipaddress (dotted quad) from
> the client side. What I need to do is have the one ip address I have for the
> server  host iredmail and my website.

I had misunderstood your issue.

See and links.

Basically: some web applications can sensibly be installed
in a "subfolder" of the web space, so you can access them at Other web applications insist on owning
the full web space, so you must use

If iredmail is in the latter group, then in your one nginx conf file,
have one server{} block for iredmail, and a separate server{} block
(with a different server_name) for your website.

> I created a /var/www2 with a different index.html, but I don't see how nginx
> would know which directory to use.

If you have separate server{} blocks, nginx picks the one to use based
on its rules.

> I was able to get nginx working with my website prior to having iredmail on
> the same server. Having both services on the same server is what confuses
> me.

They can be in the same nginx instance without a problem.

The can only be in the same nginx server{} block if both play nice.

In that case, you must decide how you want nginx to handle the request
for "/", and configure it to do that.

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