Wildcard SSL and Wildcard hostnames

braindeaf nginx-forum at nginx.us
Mon May 11 13:54:31 UTC 2015

Sorry to be vague.

http://example.co - works fine and as expected.
http://blah.example.co - returns curl: (60) SSL certificate problem: Invalid
certificate chain

This is actually picking up the SSL cert for the default site on the server.
So the server_name is picking up example.co but *.example.co seems to be

Interesting, the wildcard SSL Key is the most basic RapidSSL Wildcard
Certificate, so perhaps going down the  Subject Alternate Name route might
be worthwhile or worth talking to RapidSSL Support about because we also
need *.staging.example.co to work for our staging environment too which
might kill two birds with one stone.

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