24: Too many Open connections

ranjuj nginx-forum at nginx.us
Tue May 12 09:22:53 UTC 2015


We have 3 nginx web servers behind an nginx proxy and we were seeing "24:
Too many Open connections" error in nginx log of one server and found that
some of the users are getting 504 timed out error. We have observer that the
problem was only in one of the web-server. We restarted php_cgi & nginx and
the problem got solved.

Can someone help me to understand what caused this issue? As I mentioned we
have 3 web-servers and all three are having the same setup and
configuration. It wouldn't have caused because of heavy traffic, as it was
non peak hour and other servers were not affected as well.

OS - CentOS release 5.8

worker_processes  4;
worker_connections  1000000;

fs.file-max = 70000

nginx       soft    nofile   1000000
nginx       hard    nofile   1000000

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