Satistfy any not working as expected

Arno0x0x nginx-forum at
Tue May 19 18:20:39 UTC 2015

Hi Maxim,

Thanks for your answer. I'm actually using a proper URI in the auth_request
parameter and the PHP script works fine
(, my example was dumb.

For the records, here's what I did to make it work exactly as I expect:
simply remove the "deny all;" statement.

As a result :
- Any local network IP gets a straight access
- Any other IP has to go through the auth_request

This makes sense to me as a "satisfy any" coupled with a "deny all;" would
always match "all" and refuse access.

Not sure why all configuration examples we can find on the web mention the
"deny all;" statement, but this fails for me.

By the way, many thanks for all the work done on Nginx !


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