Case insensitive exact location match?

E.B. emailbuilder88 at
Wed May 20 23:48:58 UTC 2015

> > 2^4 = all 16 combinations. Hopefully the 'test' sting is only 4
> > characters
> > long...
> >
> > Case-insensitiveness is no-trivial check, and if needed PCRE are here
> > for
> > that through regex locations.
> > What is wrong with them already??
> At assembly level alot, +-20 bytes including an if or alot more when it has
> to go through pcre.

Exactly. PCRE engine adds overhead and is slower than just case

PLUS the Nginx location directive adds more overhead I'd like to avoid
because of its processing order. I know the exact text of what I want to
match, so = is the best choice. But I can't control the case of what clients

But answers seem to indicate Nginx has no such feature.

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