ip_hash in active_active nginx setup

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Thu May 21 16:14:36 UTC 2015

Hi all,

we want to use a F5 loadbalancer in front of two nginx instances, which
balance the load to our app-nodes.

The F5 loadbalancer distributes incoming requests via round-robin algorithm
to the two nginx instances.

The nginx instances should be configured to use ip_hash to distribute the
requests to the addnodes ensuring sticky sessions. Specific customer
requirements make the use of cookies to ensure sticky sessions impossible.

I understand, that all nginx instances use the same function to hash the IP
adress. But i am not sure if the distribution of the hash values to the
appnodes happens in a consistent way.

I came across the following discussion on github which indicates that the
same IP address may be forwarded to different appnodes in the scenario
described above:


Long story short / tl;dr:

Will different nginx instances forward requests from the same IP always to
the same appnode when using ip_hash as a load balancing method?


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