calling unique url not more then 1 time per 5 seconds

Styopa Semenukha semenukha at
Sun May 24 15:36:47 UTC 2015

On Sunday, May 24, 2015 03:35:45 AM PavelPolyakov wrote:
> Hi,
> Assuming I have an url like /payout/[hash] , where hash is something unique,
> and I want to make, that on nginx level it's checked that this url is called
> not more then 1 time per 5 seconds. 1st time it should be processed by
> proxy_pass, all the other times it should be replied 403.
> Could someone tell me which approach I should use? Is that possible to do
> that using nginx?
> Any thoughts are appreciated.
> Regards,

Yes, it's possible:
>If a rate of less than one request per second is desired, it is specified in request per minute (r/m). For example, half-request per second is 30r/m.
Sincerely yours,
Styopa Semenukha.

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