Measuring request processing time

Дмитрий Шалашов skaurus at
Tue May 26 18:12:18 UTC 2015


Is there a way to measure time Nginx takes to process request? Not
$request_time, but rather something like "time between request was fully
read and request is ready to pass it to the backend".
I need it to evaluate perfomance of the geoip2 module:

I need this because I've measured speed of official MaxMind Perl modules
for legacy and new versions of their databases and found that lib for new
version is hundreds times slower than legacy. (yes, I've used XS version)
Now, I will be using new format anyway - because MaxMind provide only free
legacy databases, and free databases have way too bad accuracy.
But I would like to assess the consequences.

Best regards,
Dmitriy Shalashov
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