nginx on Debian: dynamic network interfaces

Konstantin Pavlov thresh at
Wed May 27 10:53:55 UTC 2015

On 27/05/2015 10:51, B.R. wrote:
> The keyword here is 'dynamic'.
> I even modified the service configuration to depend on 'named', but the
> thing is that being dynamic, the network and name resolution dependency
> might be fulfilled while the actual service is not ready yet. Those
> dependencies might (dis)appear following this 'hot-plug' behavior and
> services should adapt to this.
> 'auto' (synchronous) differs from 'hot-plug' (asynchronous).
> Is there really nothing you can do on your side about it?
> It is a little tiresome to see both parts throwing the ball back.

JFYI, systemd works around that issue by introducing a pseudo-service
that essentially sleeps for some amount of time until network is
(hopefully) up, see .

Konstantin Pavlov

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