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Wed May 27 11:27:25 UTC 2015

Hi Francis,

What does "doesn't work" mean?

web browser don't show the web and appears the error  "webint don't exists
in DNS", but query arrives to the balanced server

What response do you get?

"webint don't exists in DNS" but as I know "webint" is only a variable or a
name for the upstream

What response did you want to get instead?

Oviously the web 

What response do you get if you do

curl -H -i

from the nginx server?

HTTP/1.1 302 Found

X-Powered-By: Servlet/3.0
Content-Language: es-ES
Content-Length: 0

Does that match one of the previous two answers?

Yes, but don't. Let me explain. It appears that the proxy_pass works,
because adds the port and /WebApp, but don't show the web that is served in
the host.


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