different centos version + different nginx version make different performance‏

Xiaokai Wang xiaokai.wang at live.com
Mon Nov 2 06:14:17 UTC 2015

hi all,     I find a performace decreasing when I update centos5.4 to centos7.1 and the same time nginx-1.2.7 to nginx-1.8.0.     Exacted information as below picture:                                   centos5.4 + nginx-1.2.7                                               centos7.1 + nginx-1.8.0         From the pictures, we can see that  updated environment cpu-load average is almostly doubled previous environment.         Of course the sysctl.conf and nginx-conf are not changed after updating environment. It confused me and I dont know why.        Anybody meet the problem? Please give me a help, thanks.

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