HTTP/2 Issues

Matthias Rieber ml-nginx at
Thu Nov 12 06:57:19 UTC 2015


On Thu, 12 Nov 2015, DrDinosaur wrote:

> Hi,
> I was having a few issues with HTTP/2 requests. Some files and images aren't
> loading on Chrome. I filed a bug report and documented the issue extensively
> here:

I had similar a problem with a website which loads lots of css/js files. 
Many of them failed with the spd compression error. It appears that it 
depends on the characteristics of internet connection, but I couldn't 
proof that.

Increasing ssl_buffer_size to 32k solved the issue for me. I usually set 
ssl_buffer_size to 4k. After serveral tries it appears that lower values 
cause more problems with HTTP/2. Even with the default (16k) some requests 
fail with the compression error.


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