Absolute rather than relative times in expires directives

rgrraj nginx-forum at nginx.us
Tue Nov 17 08:07:33 UTC 2015

HI All

The topic was the same one I was looking for. But we have specific idea of
setting up the expire value.  We need expires to be at every 2h hours at the
same time to be on every 24hours, ie: midnight. Can you help me with how to
configure the same with 2h as well as for midnight night. 

reason is that cdn purge happens at every midnight so if an end use access
the page at might 10.50pm if we set only expires 2h, it will espire only for
00:50 which infact needed to be overrided by 24h hours / midnight in such
cases. Can any body help us with a solution / idea.


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