Nginx failing to ask for PEM SSL key password

lakarjail nginx-forum at
Wed Nov 18 09:34:20 UTC 2015

I see your point there. Thank you for the link. It made me wondering why
"SSLPassPhraseDialog" from Apache was not as well added on Nginx.

Indeed, I am looking for a solution that wouldn't decrease the global
security of my system. I can not consider leaving the password of a PEM key
in cleartext like "ssl_password_file" solution proposed by Nginx, nor to
remove the password of the key cert file for obvious and same reasons. 

What solution do I have then, solution that would be clean enough in terms
of security, and to ensure that next nginx updates won't cause problems? 

Richard Stanway Wrote:
> Running nginx directly works fine because nginx can see and use your
> terminal. (Re)starting nginx through systemd does not, because systemd
> doesn't provide a terminal (nor would your input reach it).
> See

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