Nginx failing to ask for PEM SSL key password

Aleksandar Lazic al-nginx at
Thu Nov 19 19:14:46 UTC 2015


Am 19-11-2015 14:40, schrieb Valentin V. Bartenev:
> On Thursday 19 November 2015 11:56:37 B.R. wrote:
>> Aleks: Have you even read the 1st message from lakarjail?

Well a little bit.

>> ​(s)he said he had a look at it. It seems (s)he only wants​ 
>> interactive
>> solutions with the password being written nowhere.
>> Although the reasoning appearing strange to me (someone needs to be 
>> there
>> in case of unexpected reload/restart, otherwise, as long as it is 
>> stored
>> and extracted automatically, whatever storage solutions being chosen, 
>> it
>> ends up all the same to me), (s)he seems to be knowing what (s)he 
>> wants.
> [..]
> "named pipe can also be used instead of a file" - doesn't that help to 
> make
> interactive solution?

Thump up ;-)

Just an idea:

Create a Pipe
Point the ssl_password_file to this pipe
Until there is something to read from the pipe the process will wait for 
There are milliard of ways to write something into this pipe, imho.

This idea is untested but maybe worth to test ;-)


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