There is a newer OCSP response but was not provided by the server

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Tue Sep 22 21:21:27 UTC 2015

The purpose of the ssl_stapling_file was to prime the cache. Without that
file, openssl says "OCSP response: no response sent". For nginx to load the
cache by itself, clients have to hit the same worker process a few times. I
currently have 8 worker processes, which means that the server needs at
least 8 simultaneous client who are knowledgeable and patient enough to hit
the server a few times, purging the cache of their browser each time. This
does not work seem to work all the times, however. I have a www to non-www
redirection with stapling enabled on both. Hitting www does not fill the
cache, and I keep seeing "OCSP response: no response sent". Am I missing

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