Nginx with Varnish as a proxy. Phantom Port 80

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Fri Apr 1 04:42:57 UTC 2016

Robert Paprocki Wrote:
> Without showing your nginx config it's unlikely that anyone will be able
> troubleshoot. Likely there is a stray listen directive that's causing

There are no stray listen directives. I've checked many times. 
grep -ril listen /etc/nginx
Shows only files in sites-enabled and sites-available directories. 
grep -i listen /etc/nginx/sites-enabled 
Shows only port 8080
grep 80 /etc/nginx/sites-enabled 
Shows only port 8080 
I've also manually opened all files and verified just in case my grepping
skills were failing. I've checked probably 10 times. This is why I can't
figure it out and came to ask the mailing list! :-)

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