Redirection problem again in new rules.

Muhammad Yousuf Khan sirtcp at
Mon Apr 18 13:37:59 UTC 2016

Thanks alot Francis Daly :). the try_file option worked for me and location
tip also worked but try_file seems more better approach.

Btw, can you please explain this paragraph. actually i am really sorry for
this newbie type question. actually i have been working as ssytem admin for
last 5 years. now my Firewall concepts of rules are collapsing with nginx

>location /x { rewrite ^ /x.html redirect; }
>fails because "location /x" will match /x.html, so the second request
>will match the same location as the first one and the same redirect will
>happen again; and one way to avoid the loop is to make the "location"
>only match exactly "/x".
>Based on that, can you guess what the "~" in

can you please explain how the second request creates the loop. if i use
break instead of redirect?
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