Gzip issue with Safari

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Tue Aug 9 08:14:39 UTC 2016


I discover the problem reported by mcofko yesterday when I see the nginx
configuration generated by the W3 Total Cache extension for WordPress :

if ($http_accept_encoding ~ gzip) {
    set $w3tc_enc .gzip;
if (-f $request_filename$w3tc_enc) {
    rewrite (.*) $1$w3tc_enc break;

It doesn’t use the gzip_static feature of nginx “because gz is not
compatible with some versions of safari.”

This bug of Safari seems to be well known since 2009 ! :

But somebody noticed the bug is resolved now :

“The test page blog.kosny.com/testpages/safari-gz indicates that the warning
"Be careful naming and test in Safari. Because safari won't handle css.gz or
js.gz" is out of date. In Safari 7 on Mavericks, and in Safari on iOS 7,
both css.gz and js.gz work. I don't know when this change occurred, I'm only
testing with the devices I have.”

So now I don’t know if I must handle this bug or if I can consider this


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