NGINX http-secure-link iphone issue !!

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Wed Aug 10 16:30:34 UTC 2016

md5 shouldn't give different results regardless of implementation - my
guess is that your different platforms are using different character
encodings (iso8859 vs utf8 for instance) and that is the source of your
differences. To verify your md5 implementation there are test vectors here,
and at the end if the article here that
you can use to verify your implementations produce same output for same
input - just make sure the input is really the same! I hope this helps a

On Wed, Aug 10, 2016 at 3:07 AM, shahzaib mushtaq <shahzaib.cb at>

> Hi,
> We've depolyed NGINX ngx_*http*_*secure*_*link*_module in our website
> based on php programming & its working well. Player is providing correct
> hash+expiry to serve links.
> Though we're facing problem authenticating md5 from iphone mobile which is
> generating md5 based on C objective language & looks like this hash is
> somewhat different & have authenticating issue against NGINX md5. Is there
> any way of fixing it ?
> Short conclusion :
> Web APP == good
> Mobile APP == bad
> Please if anyone guide us, would be really helpful.
> Regards
> Shahzaib
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