"ngx.var.remote_addr" have different value when retrive it twice in lua

石磊 shilei at qiyi.com
Thu Aug 11 07:04:49 UTC 2016


I am using nginx 1.4, and I did fetch the "ngx.var.remote_addr" more than once in lua script, but strange thing is sometimes I will get different “$remote_addr” in different line in the same lua script file.
Some more information:

1.       I hook the lua script at rewrite_by_lua_file stage

2.       This happens when the client has more than one ip address with different Operators.

3.       The “remote_addr” I got are the ip addresses the client have from different Operators.

I want to know how this happen, it is by design that the “$remote_addr” could be changed for a http request?


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