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Tue Aug 23 16:11:13 UTC 2016


we are trying to integrate nginx as a mid-tier caching solution for our
Content Delivery Network which actually delivers MPEG TS video data to user
set top boxes which basically works with the constant bit rate between end
to end.

our deployment is something like below

cluster of edge devices interfacing with STB which tries to pull data
through Http from Persistent storage cluster of devices, we are trying to
add up with a mid-tier caching for an region so that we can serve multiple
streams with improvement over the performance.

The problem we are facing currently is, as our Edge devices are adhering to
the  constant bit rate/committed bit rate delivery from the upstream we were
unable to achieve the same with nginx which is proxying the Persistent store
devices which is causing our edge device to starve for data at the expected
time to be delivered for STB.

we are having nginx slicing module in place with 5 mb slice size configured
on version 1.9.12., and tcp captures showed us nginx is not deliverying data
even though enough receive window is available and there are no network
congestion. We made to fill up the upstream in proxy pass with a best effort
and which resolved the issue for an single stream. But we are seeing issues
while we try to scale with more streams with 100+ streams.

let us know any good suggestions on making nginx to adhere/limit-at that
rate which requested by client

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