Problems with custom log file format

Lucas Rolff lucas at
Tue Aug 23 17:35:12 UTC 2016

1st one matches your log format, the 2nd one matches the `combined` 
format - so:

- Maybe you've still some old nginx processes that are still not closed 
after reloading, which causes it to log in the combined format, or can 
it be another vhost logging to same log file, without using access_log 
.... main ?

Can you paste your *full* config?, that allows for easier debugging.

lists at wrote:
> Configuration file included in the post. I already checked it.
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> Hello!
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>> Looks like I have no takers on this problem. Should I filed a
>> bug report? If so, where?
> I would recommend you to start with double-checking your
> configuration instead.

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