nginx a NIGHTMARE for me

Reinis Rozitis r at
Wed Aug 24 20:05:00 UTC 2016

> Trust me guys. Nginx can never be memory efficient.
Interesting way to start an email.

> I never understand for what reason it creates a garbage of disk cache for 
> every request.
By default nginx doesn’t cache anything the OS/Linux does it to reduce the 
diskreads. You can adjust it by tuning the 'vm.pagecache' and related sysctl 

> look at the pic

The pic doesn’t show anything specific to nginx except that you have 32 Gb 
of ram of what ~23 Gb are free ~7.7Gb are linux filesystem cache and 
something like ~2GB is used for apps etc.

> If any of you have any suggestion to tweak nginx config. Please tell me.

To see what actually consumes the ram whole processlist would be needed and 
as people stated - also the output of nginx -V.


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