how to completely disable request body buffering

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Fri Aug 26 15:16:00 UTC 2016

fastcgi_request_buffering does deactivate request buffering from what I
understand from the docs.
client_body_buffer_size is said to be useful/used only when the previous
directive is activated.
>From what I read it seems your configuration attempts failed to load or to
be activated where needed.

Could you provide us with a minimal loaded configuration reproducing the
problem (ie buffering while you configured it not to do so), through the
use of nginx -V <>?
*B. R.*

On Fri, Aug 26, 2016 at 7:19 AM, phani prasad <mailforpps at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> for one of our products we have chosen nginx as our webserver and using
> fastCGI to talk to upstream(application) layer. We have a usecase where in
> the client sends huge payload typically in MB and nginx is quick enough
> reading all the data and buffering it . Whereas our upstream server is
> quite slower in consuming the data.  This resulted in timeout on client
> side since the upstream cant respond with status code until unless it
> finish reading the complete payload. Additional information is, the request
> is chunked.
> To address this we have tried several options but  nothing worked out so
> far.
> 1. we turned off fastcgi_request_buffering setting it to off.
> This would only allow nginx not to buffer request payload into a temp file
> before forwarding it to application/upstream. But it still use some buffer
> chains to write to upstream.
> 2. setting client_body_buffer_size .
> this would only check if request body size is larger than
> client_body_buffer_size, then it writes whole or part of body to file.
> How does this work in case of chunked request body?
> What is the max chunk size that nginx can allocate?
> What if upstream is slow in consuming the data ? Does nginx still try to
> writev chain of buffers to the pipe?
> How many max chain buffers nginx would maintain to buffer request body? If
> so is it configurable?
> What other options that we can try out? we want to completely disable
> request body buffering and would want to stream the data as it just arrives
> from client. and if upstream is busy , *nginx should be able to tune
> itself in the sense it should wait reading further data from client until
> upstream is ready to be written.*
> Any help is much appreciated as this is blocking one of our product
> certifications.
> Thanks
> Prasad.
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