How to disable request pipelining on nginx upstream

hkahlouche nginx-forum at
Mon Aug 29 19:52:57 UTC 2016


> I'm talking about upstream server, not the "server" directive in 
> the "upstream" block. Assuming you are using nginx as an upstream 
> server you should use keepalive_requests.

We are not using nginx on the upstream side (we have some legacy server),
this is why I was looking for keepalive_requests on the upstream side, or
something to better control the upstream keepalive connections (for instance
when they start failing or just close after a certain threshold of requests

Something like:

upstream backend {
 keepalive 10;
 keepalive_requests 10;  ##max requests per connection 

It could be a good thing to add in nginx upstream module. It would allow
controlling when to close a keepalive upstream connection and setup a new


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