Log the headers sent by nginx to upstream server

Maxim Ozerov maxozerov at i-free.com
Wed Aug 31 10:50:45 UTC 2016

"Log format can contain common variables, and variables that exist only at the time of a log write"
So, other options I do not see, except ngx_http_log_module

But, .. interesting thing is what it means to be overwritten?)

Nginx, some adjustments in request headers, receives from the client:

- Nginx gets rid of any empty headers. 
- Ng.By default, will consider any header that contains underscores as invalid.
- The "Host" header is re-written to the value defined by the $proxy_host variable - (ex.: proxy_set_header Host      $host;)
- The "Connection" header is changed to "close".

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My client sends a request to nginx with a http header set. 
This header is overwritten by nginx before passing along the reqest to the downstream server.
I want to log the header after modification by nginx.
I understand that we can log the header sent by client using "$http_<header_name>".
Is there some embedded variable or some other way I can use which will log the header sent to the downstream server?

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