nginx error : cache file has too long header

Roman Arutyunyan arut at
Wed Dec 7 10:41:22 UTC 2016

On Wed, Dec 07, 2016 at 05:24:23AM -0500, omkar_jadhav_20 wrote:
> Please note that we already have proxy_buffer_size 4096k, please suggest
> what should be ideal size for proxy_buffer_size in this scenario.

Yes, I saw that.  But it looks like you have too long proxy_cache_key.
Or maybe, those files producing errors are just broken for some reason.

Can you read those files?  Each cache file has the following parts in it:

- Serialized struct ngx_http_file_cache_header_t (unreadable characters in
  the beginnig of the file).  This one is small.
- Cache key in plaintext.  You can easily see, if it's really long.
- Response header
- Response body

Roman Arutyunyan

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