access_logging in the stream block

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Wed Dec 14 19:13:20 UTC 2016


Just wondering if anyone knows if access_logs are able to be configured in
the stream block. We are looking to implement TCP stream which works but
also have the requirement of logging the connections, transactions, etc. I
know error_log can be enabled but I have found no documentation stating
access_log will work. 

We have confirmed connections via nginx will work and can connect to the
backend service but no actions are logged. 

Sample config: 

stream {
   server {
        listen     12345;
        proxy_pass servername:12345;

I have tried adding access_log but only get the error: 
Starting nginx: nginx: [emerg] "access_log" directive is not allowed here in

I also tried adding a log_format section in the event that was required. Any
advice/suggestions welcome.

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