limit_req per subnet?

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Thu Dec 15 00:06:44 UTC 2016

By the time you get to UA, nginx has done a lot of work. 

You could 444 based on UA, then read that code in the log file with fail2ban or a clever script. ‎That way you can block them at the firewall. It won't help immediately with the sequential number, but that really won't be a problem. 

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>> I rate limit them using the user-agent
> Maybe this is the best solution, although of course it doesn't rate
> limit real attackers. Is there a good method for monitoring which UAs
> request pages above a certain rate so I can write a limit for them?

Actually, is there a way to limit rate by UA on the fly? If so, can I
do that and somehow avoid limiting multiple legitimate browsers with
the same UA?

- Grant
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