Supernet issues in nginx geo !!

shahzaib mushtaq shahzaib.cb at
Thu Dec 15 12:11:52 UTC 2016


We're using nginx geo module to redirect requests from specific
subnets/supernets. If request is coming from following ips, it should be
redirected towards caching node :

geo $qwilt_user {
  default 0; 1; 1; 1; 1; 1; 1; 1;
  * <> 1;*

The critical problem here now is that if request is coming from ip its not redirecting but you  can clearly see from subnet bit
above which is /11 , means subnets from 39.32.X.X all the way to 39.63.X.X
are summed up within subnet & supposed to be redirect.

Is this limitation of the geo module that it is not supporting supernetting

Thanks in advance !!

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