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Sat Dec 24 08:09:02 UTC 2016

Hi c0nw0nk, 

mex here, inital creator of
and maintainer of Doxi-Rules
(this us where the rules live we create with spike :)

the doxi-rules in its current state are inspired by emerging threats rules,
and not by the CRS-System because:

- mod_security can hook into any phase of a request, while naxsi only works
in access_phase
- naxsi has a very slim but yet powerfull core-ruleset
- naxsi doesnt hold state of an actor

thus, it would not be possible to re-create the CRS onto naxsi, instead, we
have a very slim but very fast core-ruleset that does not change very often,

and ontop of this, if wanted a wider ruleset that protect against common 
classes of attacks like XXE or generel Object-Injections

i learned from my gurus @emerging threats ti write signatures
against vulnerabilities, not exploits

before naxsi i used mod_security with CRS as well and it was 
more tha just PITA becaause of False Positives and performance-issues
as well. with naxsdi, learning mode and whitelist-creation
using a WAF is fun again.

If you have detailed questions about naxsi, there is a
as well



c0nw0nk Wrote:
> So I recently got hooked on Naxsi and I am loving it to bits <3 thanks
> to itpp2012 :)
> I found the following Rule sets here.
> But I am curious does anyone have Naxsi written rules that would be
> the same as/on Cloudflare's WAF ?
> These to be exact :
> Package:
> OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set : Covers OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities,
> and more.
> Package:
> Cloudflare Rule Set : Contains rules to stop attacks commonly seen on
> Cloudflare's network and attacks against popular applications.
> Love to have a Naxsi version of their WAF rules to add in to the
> naxsi_core.rules file.

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