cache file is too small

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Thu Dec 29 05:50:36 UTC 2016

Hi ,

I am using nginx running with version 1.10.2
Also could you please suggest what is the permanent solution for this also
what does exactly use_temp_path does?
Should we keep it explicitly on , we have not set this directive in our

Below is sample nginx.conf for your reference , kindly suggest wherever
modification is required :

worker_processes  auto;
events {
 worker_connections  4096;
 use epoll;
 multi_accept on;
worker_rlimit_nofile   100001;
http {
 include       mime.types;
 default_type  video/mp4;
 proxy_buffering           on;
 proxy_buffer_size         4096k;
 proxy_buffers             5 4096k;
 sendfile                  on;
 keepalive_timeout         30;
 tcp_nodelay               on;
 tcp_nopush                on;
 reset_timedout_connection on;
 gzip                      off;
 server_tokens          off;

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