limit_req per subnet?

Grant emailgrant at
Fri Dec 30 12:30:22 UTC 2016

>>> I'm looking for something that can
>>> be implemented independently of the backend, but that doesn't seem to
>>> exist in nginx.
>> You can define the "key" any way that you want.
>> Perhaps you can create something using "geo". Perhaps you want "the first
>> three bytes of $binary_remote_addr". Perhaps you want "the remote ipv4
>> address, rounded down to a multiple of 8". Perhaps you want something
>> else.
> So I'm sure I understand, none of the functionality described above
> exists currently?

Or can it be configured without hacking the nginx core?

- Grant

>> The exact thing that you want, probably does not exist.
>> The tools that are needed to create it, probably do exist.
>> All that seems to be missing is the incentive for someone to actually
>> do the work to build a thing that you would like to exist.

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