nginx not forwarding requests to backend servers.

Reinis Rozitis r at
Wed Jul 27 16:18:45 UTC 2016

> : ""
> 2016/07/27 10:54:05 [warn] 27491#27491: *3 upstream server temporarily 
> disabled while connecting to upstream, client:, server:
>, request: "GET / HTTP/1.1", upstream: 
> "", host: ""

> Why is it trying to connect to my servers over port 80? I need to pass it 
> over on 443. How can I accomplish this? Even if I change the proxy pass to 
> https in the logs it still trys

As you don't specify the port in upstream {} block nginx uses the default 
which is 80 ( )

Also for secure backend connection you should enable proxy_ssl.

should probably be a good start.


On Wed, Jul 27, 2016 at 10:42 AM, Reinis Rozitis <r at> wrote:
Can anyone give me an example config of what it would look like in both 
nginx.conf and default.conf using the names/info I have provided?

It seems you have taken the default configuration example but if you use 
nginx as a balancer without serving any .php (or other) files you actually 
don't need those *.php etc locations  - a single location / {} will do the 
job (means all requests go to backends).

For example:

http {
   upstream {

server {
   listen       80;
   listen       443 ssl;


location / {
    proxy_set_header HOST;

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