How to reproduce issue CVE-2016-4450?

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Thank you very much for the quick response.
So can I say that if the nginx do not read the request body, it will not have the “CVE-2016-4450” issue?


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Subject: How to reproduce issue CVE-2016-4450?


I am working on the fixing of issue CVE-2016-4450, it seems that if the request body is neither saved in the memory nor in file, it might crash when save the request body to the temp file.
Could you instruct me what kind of request body can trigger this issue? I want to reproduce it, and evaluate the whether upgrade our nginx server.

Refer to CVE-2016-4450:
A problem was identified in nginx code responsible for saving
client request body to a temporary file.  A specially crafted request
might result in worker process crash due to a NULL pointer dereference
while writing client request body to a temporary file (CVE-2016-4450).


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