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Jeremiah Brock jbrock at everettcc.edu
Tue Jun 14 22:11:08 UTC 2016

Thank you for the response Francis.

Unfortunately - I don't have the luxury of separating out via a hierarchy.

I have determined that what I am wanting to do is just simply not possible
: ( .


On Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 2:59 PM, Francis Daly <francis at daoine.org> wrote:

> On Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 08:01:36AM -0700, Jeremiah Brock wrote:
> Hi there,
> >     My issue : trying to serve seamless paths for both Drupal and
> > ColdFusion without having to specify every possible path that coldfusion
> > applications exist in.
> You may find it easiest to have a simple split in your url hierarchy
> -- perhaps have everything that should be handled by drupal be below
> /drupal/; or have everything that should be handled by coldfusion be
> below /coldfusion/; or do both of them.
> nginx is not magic.
> If you mix your urls with no easy way to know which should be handled by
> drupal and which by coldfusion and which by something else, then you end
> up with a complicated way to tell nginx how it should handle each request.
> > I was hoping index.cfm would be automatically used
> > via the index parameters but apparently only when try_files contains
> > $uri/.  However that breaks drupal paths that aren't physical folders...
> I don't fully follow what you mean by that paragraph.
> I suspect that that does not matter.
> A request comes in. You want nginx to handle it in a particular way. The
> way you tell nginx how to handle it is by writing in nginx.conf.
> >     The following config works - but as you can see the regex listing for
> > coldfusion application paths is less than stellar...
> That is:
> > location ~*
> >
> ^(/longpath/someapp|/anotherpath/anotherapp|/yetanotherpath/andanotherapp|anotherapppath/etcapp)
> That suggests that a request for /longpath/something should be handled
> by drupal and not by coldfusion, yes?
> And (with the rest of your config) a request for /longpath/someapp/a.php
> should be handled by drupal too.
> If you want to mix urls in a complicated way, you're going to have to
> unmix them in a complicated way in nginx.conf.
> If you don't want to unmix them in a complicated way in nginx.conf,
> the easiest thing to do is not to mix them in a complicated way in the
> first place.
> I suppose you *could* (at the cost of significant efficiency, I suspect)
> proxy everything to coldfusion, and then handle any 404 responses by
> trying drupal. That might lead to a smaller or less-frequently-updated
> nginx.conf.
> But if you have the option to reorganise at least one of the "upstream"
> url hierarchies, I'd suggest doing that instead.
> Good luck with it,
>         f
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