Mapping non-empty $query_string

Supersmile2009 nginx-forum at
Tue Jun 14 23:37:07 UTC 2016

I'm running a Wordpress based website on my server, I've set up fastcgi
cache recently. Now I want to get rid of evil-ifs, that are used to detect
cache skipping cases, and replace them with map.

I managed to convert all common ifs except this one,

if ($query_string != "") {
     set $skip_cache 1;

I'm trying to replace it with non-evil map in http section.

#skip cache if query string has at least one character 
map $query_string $skip_cache {
       "~.+" "1";

For some reason it doesn't work as intended. It starts bypassing cache on
ALL pages except main page.

Thanks for any help.

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