Is there an original source linking Qualys report codes to codes in nginx configuration?

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nginx deals with an underlying library to manage TLS-ciphered content. The
webserver merely sends configuration data to it on startup/reload and uses
this library to do the actual (en/de)ciphering job.

The one officially supported is OpenSSL, for which cipher strings and
cipher suites are listed in its 'ciphers' module manual (man ciphers - best
- or - worst).
You should use then to feed the ssl_ciphers
directive. What is accepted ultimately depends on the version of OpenSSL
(or any other TLS library) your version of nginx is linked with.
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> The online tool at Qualys for testing webserver SSL configurations,
>, produces a list of codes like
> etc.
> There are a lot of howtos on the net, but none of them show how to relate
> the actual string codes to those in the webservers. It is easy enough to
> use them but there is no knowning how they arrive at those settings in
> particular.
> Is there some kind of table relating the Qualys codes with the actual
> codes used in nginx configurations?
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