secure and httponly cookies

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Mon Mar 7 21:50:00 UTC 2016

I have tried exactly the same as in this page:-

proxy_cookie_path / "/; secure; HttpOnly";

it sets the flags on the cookie in the response header, but when I refresh the page, it is sending the cookies in the requests header without these flags, it just resets it.


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Am 07-03-2016 21:15, schrieb krishna at
> Here, nginx is proxy passing the requests to webseal and webseal sends 
> the response with cookies.
> We are trying to rewrite this cookie headers.

Please can you show us how you have tried to do this.

As you can see on this pages there should be a option with 'plain' nginx

Please can you also post the output of nginx -V and the config.

Cheers Aleks

> Could you tell me more about LUA or some links where i can read about 
> it?
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