Is there a length limitation on file extensions?

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Mon Mar 7 22:04:00 UTC 2016

I am using Nginx to serve a website that hosts a .Net application. The file
a user needs to download and that triggers installation is a *.application
file, and an MS Internet Information Server associates that with the mime
type application/x-ms-application. However that file never gets any
Content-Type header. I edited the mime.types configuration file to include
that, but Nginx ignores that. When I rename the file to .app, and use a mime
type definition for that file it works. I also tried various other file
extensions of varying length, and it looks like there is a limit of 10
characters in a file type extenion of Nginx, and if that is exceeded there
will be no Content-Type header.
Is my assumption correct? Where is this in the source files? (I know how to
compile Nginx). Or any other idea what causes my problem?
Thanks, Joachim

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