HTTP/2 roadmap

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Fri Mar 11 14:40:34 UTC 2016


What's the best place to find details on planned features for HTTP/2

I've only been looking at HTTP/2 for a few days, so forgive me if this is
already covered.

It seems pretty obvious to me that it provides an opportunity for
potentially significant performance gains if changes are made to the xCGI
model, and potentially web applications.

Specifically, since there is a quasi-persistent [1] connection between a
browser and a server, serialisation of a session object between page
requests is no longer necessary, and it can become bound to the transport
layer - whilst this may seem to introduce possible race conditions between
pages, this is no different from concurrent requests on the same session
under HTTP/1.x.

A secondary requirement is a mechanism to implement server-push, so that
<language-of-choice> can specify page dependencies, rather than requiring
inspection of content within the server.

Is any work currently being done in this direction?


[1] Since there needs to be periodic SSL renegotiation which would cause
reconnects, as well as sub-optimal network conditions on wireless and
mobile networks (and indeed, devices flip-flopping between the two).
draft-bishop-support-reneg-00 if adopted should address this in optimal
network conditions.
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