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On Sat, Mar 12, 2016 at 2:09 PM, Phil Lello <phil at> wrote:

> Given that the current state of HTTP/2 support in browsers seems to be
> forcing the use of TLS, it seems that the opportunity for proxies to kick
> in is relatively limited.

​Why could not proxies​

​be used with HTTP/2? Why would you expect the existing one to suddenly be

> A secondary requirement is a mechanism to implement server-push, so that
>> > <language-of-choice> can specify page dependencies, rather than
>> requiring
>> > inspection of content within the server.
>> >
>> > Is any work currently being done in this direction?
>> No.
> OK. So the question now becomes, if I start work in these areas, is it
> likely to be rejected by core, or is it simply that no one else has had the
> time and motivation?

Whatever others' stance on that matter, you could always prepare some
module of your own and make it publicly available. If nginx rejects your
work for whatever reasons, people would still be able to use it in their
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