Rev. proxying a java applet

Francis Daly francis at
Wed Mar 16 08:43:00 UTC 2016

On Mon, Mar 14, 2016 at 12:39:11PM -0400, aruzsi wrote:

Hi there,

> I want to rev. proxying a page with java applet. I think it is usual and
> nothing special ...

The applet itself will be a http request, which it looks like you have

What the applet actually *does* is another matter -- and in general,
only you know what that is.

> The java applet wants to connect to TCP/7000 on the proxied host.
> Something has happened but it doesn't work. :-(

Can you describe the full network traffic when the applet works normally?

The machines involved are:

* the client (your browser)
* the nginx server
* the upstream web server

If nginx were not involved, the client would make a http request of the
upstream web server to fetch the applet, and then... what?

The applet runs on the client and tries to access port 7000 of the server
the client got it from? And speaks http on port 7000; or speaks its own
protocol? Does it use anything other than port 7000?

If it speaks http, then possibly a nginx http server{} which listens on
port 7000 and proxy_passes to the upstream port 7000 could work.

If it uses a single port, then possible a nginx stream server{}
could work.

If the applet knows the upstream it came from, and tries to access that
directly, then nginx is probably not involved.

The best way to understand how to proxy this service (if it is even
possible), is to know what it wants to do, at the network level.

Good luck with it,

Francis Daly        francis at

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