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Thu Mar 17 11:41:28 UTC 2016

Are you able to test with an alternate brand of browser to isolate if this
is a client or server issue?

Does turning off http/2 fix the issue? It's possible but unlikely that
network conditions have changed at the same time as your move to http/2.

Hi All,

After I upgrade nginx to 1.9.12 and enabled http2 for my website. I found a
wired issue related with download pictures.

My website is a photo-sharing websites. So on each page there are about
100-200 pictures, the size of each of them may from 10K to 500K.

In the past (http and https with spdy), I'm using below settings:

        client_body_timeout   10;
        client_header_timeout 10;
        keepalive_timeout     30;
        send_timeout          30;

        keepalive_requests 200;
        keepalive_disable        none;
        reset_timedout_connection  on;

And everything is good. For users from different countries, they can view
the pictures without any error.

But after I upgrade to http2, with the same settings, it seems for users who
have a good bandwidth, everything is fine. But for users who are from
different countries, some of them experience issue that on the webpage some
pictures can't display properly. And if they refresh the webpage for 1 times
or more, then the whole webpage can display as normal, all pictures are
downloaded and display.

I tried to change send_timeout value from 30s to 300s, then it seems it can
fix the problem. I used firefox to monitor the webpage load speed, I can see
for the pictures of the webpage, the waiting time is pretty long, sometimes
it's more than 60s - 120s, and then firefox start to receiving the

My understanding is that after enable http2, nginx are using "Multiplexing
and concurrency" to send out pictures, which mean for the webpage with 200
pictures, the web browser is ready to receive all pictures when the
connections is established.  But for clients who has limited network
bandwidth to the server, they can only download the pictures slowly. And
then some of the pictures will be timeout and can't display.

So, is there any better solution to fix this kind of issue?

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